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Sell House During Divorce in San Diego

Sell House During Divorce fast in San Diego with Asher Buys Houses so you and your spouse can move on quickly. We buy houses fast for cash regardless of the situation or condition. With that said, we understand divorces are tough and emotional so we try our best to help with the hurdle of selling your home quickly.

Determine a faster settlement between you and your ex-spouse.

Can sell your house before, during or after your divorce quickly.

Get a fair, all cash offer for your home fast so you can move on with your life.

No fees, commissions or closing costs saving money for you.

No heavy cleaning, repairs or house showings saving you time and money.

Get your fair all-cash offer today with no obligations!

Sell House During Divorce for Cash

There are many hurdles to jump during a divorce, but one of the largest is trying to sell your house as quickly as possible. However, selling your home through the traditional avenue with a realtor can drag out for months. Most of the time, in these situations it is more practical to simply sell your house for cash to a local house buyer like Asher Buys Houses. The process is fairly simple and efficient. We can take a look at your home and provide a fast cash offer in just 24-48 hours. The best part? We can close on the sale in just 7 business days if needed.

At Asher Buys Houses, we purchase properties in as-is condition so there is no need for cleaning or repairs. Selling your home for cash will simplify your divorce and provide flexibility so you can move on with your life. Throughout the difficult divorce process, it is often the best solution to proceed quickly if possible. That is where we come in. Want to learn more about all the benefits of an all cash sale? Give us a call today at 619-800-1376 or fill out the form above and we will reach out asap.

Our Cash Offer Process

Contact Us

If you are considering a real estate agent, we strongly suggest giving us a call first. The call will take no more than 15-30 minutes and you can schedule a walkthrough of your house at your convenience. During the call and walkthrough, there is no pressure and no obligation to sell. We simply check out the property and from there can determine if we would like to purchase it for cash.

Fair Cash Offer

After the walkthrough, if we like the property and it makes sense for us, we will make a fast cash offer within 24-48 hours. We don’t take several days or a week to provide a fair offer so you can have more time to decide if you accept. Of course the offer amount will depend on the state of the property along with home sale values in the area.

Close & Get Paid

Should you decide to accept our offer, we then will schedule a closing date that meets your needs. From there, we handle the paperwork and pay the closing costs with no fees or commissions. The closing can be done in as little as 7 business days if needed. Give us a call, we know you will find that working with local home buyer is much easier than selling your house the traditional way.

Deciding to Sell Your House Before or After Filing Divorce

Selling Before Filing Divorce

While there are multiple valid reasons to sell your house for cash prior to filing for divorce, the main one is to be able to get out of the home faster. This will allow you and your soon to be ex-spouse to not have to stay in the home longer than necessary. Choosing to file for divorce and then sell your house for cash will require you to stay in the house longer which can be an emotional burden. Typically this is not a burden most would like to deal with if it can be avoided. Another reason to sell prior to filing is so that you can have the cash needed for any divorce related expenses or for a down payment for a new place.

Selling After Filling Divorce

Selling prior to filing divorce provides some great benefits, but there are some advantages to selling after you file as well. First and most importantly, if you have children, staying in the house longer offers stability for them during the divorce. Divorce and all the rapid changes associated with it can be difficult for children. This is especially the case when it comes to heavy emotions. With children in the picture, this may be the right way to do things if it is possible. Second, if you and your ex spouse already have arrangements and have peacefully agreed on things, it may simplify the divorce process if you sell for cash after.

Tax Benefit For Selling Before Filing Divorce

One more important thing to consider when deciding whether to sell your house for cash before or after filing is the tax benefits you receive from selling while still married. When selling your home, the government forces a capital gains tax. However, if you are married when you sell the house, you are eligible for a large tax break up to $500k that can be applied to the sale price of the house. We are not tax experts or tax attorneys and you should of course do your own research on this and consult with your tax expert or attorney.

Selling To Asher Buys Houses V. The Traditional Way

Asher Buys Houses

Asher Buys Houses - Sell Home During Divorce San Diego - Benefits of using a cash home buyer

Traditional Way

Asher Buys Houses - Sell Home During Divorce - Negatives of selling home the traditional way

Divorce is often emotionally, mentally and physically exhausting for all sides. Dealing with a massive hassle of trying to sell your home the traditional way is really the last thing you need. Simply put, traditional home sales require far more time, higher costs and several showings which is not ideal during a divorce. Not to mention the long and pricey closing process. As you can see from the lists above, working with Asher Buys Houses eliminates all of the unnecessary steps of selling your home traditionally.

Before you speak with a real estate agent to traditionally sell your home during divorce, give Asher Buys Houses a call first so we can go through all the advantages of selling your home as-is for cash. The process is fast and smooth and you will be surprised how efficient and easy it is working with us.

Areas We Serve

Asher Buys Houses serves all of San Diego, Orange County and up to Los Angeles, but here are some specific areas throughout San Diego we serve.

Asher Buys Houses - Areas We Serve In Southern California
Asher Buys Houses - Areas We Serve In Southern California

Contact Asher Buys Houses Today to Sell House During Divorce San Diego

Working with Asher Buys Houses, you will not have to wait months to sell your property. If you are going through a divorce in Southern California and prefer to sell your home fast, contact us today for a free, no obligation offer.

Our process is simple and efficient. Just give us a call or fill out the form on this page, we will schedule a walkthrough of your property, provide a fair, all cash offer and can close in just 7 business days.

If you are considering the traditional method to sell your home during divorce, contact us first to see the advantages of working with a cash home buyer in Southern California. No pressure and no obligation, just a free, fair cash offer for your home so you can move on with life.

To schedule a walkthrough, simply fill out the form on this page or give us a call at 619-800-1376 to receive your fast cash offer.

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