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Senior Transition Specialist – Helping Seniors Sell Their Home in San Diego Stress Free

We assist families with a loved one ready to transition into senior living

A Senior Transition Specialist knows the ins and outs that surround the stressful transition from living at home to moving into senior care. It is a stressful and emotional time for the entire family as they try to navigate through the process. We are here to help make the transition smooth so your loved one is taken care of and gets the care they need when they need it.

With years of experience in the senior care industry, we understand the process and truly care about seniors and their families.

Asher Buys Houses works with many senior living professionals throughout San Diego to provide families with more options. If you are a senior living professional and would like to learn more, please fill out the form below. We would love to be part of your network and help make the senior living transition stress free for you.

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The Senior Transition Specialist Experience


Asher Buys Houses redefines what the experience should be for families in your situation.

As a Senior Transition Specialist, we provide a stress free solution while helping your loved one get the care they need. This includes a simple and quick home buying process and helping to deal with all the stuff. As a result, there is more time for the family to focus on their loved ones care while we do the heavy lifting.

In other words, we help with one of the biggest challenges of the journey to senior care. Selling your loved ones home without repairs, cleaning, clearing out or paying realtor fees.

Transitioning to Senior Living Options

Senior Transition Specialist


Real Estate Agent


Our Process

Sell Your Loved Ones Home in 3 Simple Steps


Contact Us

Contact Asher Buys Houses to speak with a senior transition specialist about your situation.


Schedule a Visit

Our senior transition specialist will schedule a visit to meet your family, view your property and discuss solutions.


Receive an All Cash Offer

We will provide a fair, cash offer for your home as-is and can then help you access a trusted senior care community.

Our Senior Transition Specialist Resources

Asher Buys Houses - Senior Transition Specialist Resources in San Diego

While our main senior transition specialist service is purchasing the house, we offer other free and paid services to help other parts of the transition.

Downsizing – Sorting through all “the stuff” to determine what to keep, donate and sell.

Estate Sale – Help arrange an estate sale to get the most value for items sell worthy.

Free Donation Pickup – We work with the Veteran’s Thrift Store and arrange for them to pick up all donations for free to be sold at their stores at heavy discounts for veterans.

Our Senior Transition Specialist Mission

Our senior transition specialist mission is to get families more time to spend with loved ones by reducing the stressful transition into senior living. For instance, not only do we enhance the transition experience but simplify the process. We also understand that every senior’s home carries a wealth of history packed with memories. Therefore, we take the time to ensure the process is not transactional, but rather transitional. However we can help the family along with their loved one, we will do with compassion.

We strive to ensure all options and resources are available for families. For example, education and advice for the adult children in families throughout the process. As a result, this helps improve the quality of life for their parents so they can age with grace. We also provide resources for senior living professionals which helps them to more effectively assist the loving families they serve.

Compassion Rather Than Commission

As Senior Transition Specialists, we are educated regarding the ins and outs of the senior living industry. With years of experience working with seniors, we truly care and work with families compassionately with professionalism in times of need.

We are not in this industry for commissions or forcing seniors and their families to spend more money and time to get their property in tip-top shape to earn the largest commission possible. Instead, we have mastered the art of getting the most for your home as-is so you don’t have to worry about all the things associated with traditional home sales.

If you want someone with compassion rather than someone focused on the commission, contact Asher Buys Houses today.


We Work With Senior Living Professionals so They Can Provide Families More Options


Asher Buys Houses assists families in solving one of the biggest hurdles in the transition to senior care by providing a stress-free way to sell their loved one’s home. This can be done with no repairs, no cleaning, no clearing out and no realtor fees.

Our service offers to purchase senior homes for cash in as-is condition and can close in weeks rather than months. The timeline is critical so the families loved one can receive the care they need now instead of later.

Purchasing the home as-is means families don’t have to renovate, stage or do numerous showings to sell the home. Most importantly, there are no realtor fees. With Asher Buys Houses, there are no fees in our service at all. None for the family, for the senior living professional or for you!

Senior Living Partners Frequently Asked Questions

We know that a lot goes into offering Asher Buys Houses to your prospects and you probably have
questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by our senior living partners.

How Does Your Service Help Prospective Senior Living Residents?

As Senior Transition Specialists, our role is to act as real estate investors. We quickly offer you or your prospect a much-needed fair cash offer for their home. The result, they the money they need to transition into senior living. It also avoids the costly, time-consuming process of getting the house ready to be sold and selling on market.

As a real estate agent, Asher can represent you or your prospect in selling their home if it’s retail ready. If it isn’t ready for market, our resources can get it there as quickly as possible and sold for retail.

Are There Costs Or Fees To Work With Asher Buys Houses?

Our main service, purchasing the home as-is with a cash offer is of no cost to you or your prospect. It’s a no-pressure situation and solution that can quickly provide the cash needed to pay for senior living.

Our secondary service, acting as a seller agent does come with the standard real estate transaction fees and commission. However, there is no cost to the referring senior living professional or community.

How Can You Help Senior Living Communities?

Asher Buys Houses removes the significant barrier to transitioning into senior living – selling the house. Since we purchase the home outright for case, as-is, it takes weeks instead of the average 3-6+ months in order to get the home retail ready to sell. As a result, communities have steady occupancy and revenue for senior living communities by shortening the sales cycle.

As a real estate agent representing you or your prospect, there is typically more time before the transition is needed. Or they have the money to transition while the house is getting renovated to be sold.

However the situation may be for you or your prospect, we work based on their timetable. This ensures they have the cash needed to transition into senior living as smoothly as possible.

How Can I Refer Prospects To You?

You can become a Senior Living Partner by calling us directly at 619-800-1376, sending an email to [email protected] or filling out the Senior Living Professionals form at the top of this page.

How Long Does It Typically Take To Sell A Home?

For our main service, buying the home as-is with a fair cash offer, we close in weeks rather than months. Sometimes in as little as 7-10 days and we work with you or your prospect’s timeline the best we can to make the transaction and transition smooth.

If the house is retail ready we will act as a seller agent and get the house sold on the market as quickly as possible by using our vast network and resources. Should the house need renovations to become retail ready, we have resources to help. The best part? It can be done with no up-front costs to the seller and be paid for once the home is sold.

Do You Purchase Homes As-Is?

Yes, our Purchase As-Is program allows families to take the items they want and leave everything else behind. As Senior Transition Specialists, we are experts at handling all the “stuff” related to downsizing. As a result, you or your prospect do not have to worry about renovations, the “stuff”, cleaning, commissions or fees. In other words, a fast, fair cash offer with a quick close to get you or your prospect what’s needed to transition into senior living.